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Sheltie Pacesetter's back issues (from November/December 1983 through Summer 2012), "The Telegram" (our free monthly newsletter) and the "Dog Owner's Encyclopedia" books will be handled through this website. 

It's Here! ~ We are happy to announce the highly-anticipated publication of a brand-new updated Dog Owner's Encyclopedia of Helpful Hints and Trade Secrets book!  This full-size (8-1/2" x 11") edition includes ALL trade secrets from the Charter issue in 1977 through the Summer 2012 magazine--that's over 35 YEARS of helpful hints--and more.  Get the full details and order today!  Click here or use the Dog Owners Book button in the navigation bar. 

Check out our Sheltie Pacesetter Back Issues Page for the details regarding this gigantic BLOW OUT SALE!  (Postage and handling is included in these prices.)

For issues from 1983 through 2004, get 5 issues for $12 (USA only)

This offer applies to our overstocked issues ($3.15 and $5.25 back issues).

Long-time visitors to this website may remember that many years ago advertisers' ads were also placed on our website for visitors to see.  We are proud to announce that we have brought back the Sheltie Showcase.  All ads beginning with the Summer 2009 issue are now available for website visitors to see.  Check out the Sheltie Showcase today!  Just use the Sheltie Showcase button in the navigation bar to the left.

A favorite feature of both the magazine and this website has been the Caption Contest pictures and winning captions that were submitted to go along with the pictures.  We have preserved the past Caption Contest pictures and winning entries for your enjoyment.  They can be viewed using the Caption Contest button on the navigation bar.

Like the magazine, our website is exclusively devoted to the development and promotion of the total Shetland Sheepdog, affectionately known as the "Sheltie."  We have developed this site to bring you a variety of Sheltie information, including issues of The Telegram (our monthly newsletter, color ads from the last several years of the Sheltie Pacesetter magazine (up to and including the Summer 2012 magazine) and articles of special interest printed in past "Pacesetter" magazines.

This is also the place where you may order back issues of the magazine along with the new and updated Dog Owner's Encyclopedia of Helpful Hints and Trade Secrets book.

We hope you will visit us frequently!

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