(“Cullen” and “Grace”)


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This is “Canyon’s” sire — “Cullen” who is owned by Dennis Maley.

This is “Canyon’s” dam — “Grace” who is owned by Dennis Maley.

“Canyon” is pictured at 3 1/2 weeks

 and is being held by Judy Maley.

“Canyon” is almost 6 weeks.

So cute at 6 1/2 weeks.

A sleepy eight-week-old kitten.

“Canyon’s” playing in a hanging   

  group of shelves. at 7 weeks.

Getting ready to take a nap at 8 weeks.

Almost 12 weeks or 3 months.

Almost 13 weeks.

Almost 13 weeks.

Almost 13 weeks.

“Sierra” and “Canyon” napping on Frank’s computer.  “Canyon” is now four months of age.

“Canyon,” at 4 months, is beginning to look more mature.

“Sierra” and “Canyon” are enjoying one of their favorite sleeping places—atop the living room couch.  “Canyon,” is pictures at five months.

At five months of age, “Canyon” is basking in the warmth of our fireplace.

This video was taken the very first time “Sierra” met her ‘future” new best friend, “Canyon”

(who was just 8 weeks old during their first encounter).  “Sierra” took to him immediately on Monday, August 21, 2017.

“Canyon” is shown at 5 1/2 months (December 17, 2017) with his buddy, “Sierra.”  Now...really...can they both fit on this tiny shelf located on top of their cat tree???

               The follow photos are posted in chronological order

                      (from his most recent pictures at the top and down to his baby pictures).

                             At the very bottom of this page, I’ve posted photos of “Canyon’s” sire and dam.

“Canyon” is pictured at 

   almost 6 months of age.