Deposits Received

Deposits have been received from the following individuals:

  1.                           •  Jan L. — Seal Bi-Color, male (purple collar)

  2.                           •  Zixi or Xuesen L. — Seal Bi-Color, female (orange collar)

  3.                           •  Emma B. — Seal Pointed, female (yellow collar)

  4.                           •  Miranda G. — Seal Mitted, female (white collar)

  5.                           •  Summer H. — Seal Pointed, male (green collar)

  6.                           •  Cindy M. — Seal Mitted, male (turquoise collar)

  7.                           •  Carol A. — Seal Mitted, female (pink collar)


Nancy Lee Cathcart

       It’s best to communicate with me via “Messenger”

                                because I will be able to send you both photos and videos.

    260-414-2625  Note: I can’t receive a text using this phone number.