Kitten deposit — $150 per kitten, non-refundable

Bi-Color Seal kitten final payment — $600  (for $750 kitten)

Nancy Lee Cathcart

260-434-1566 (Monday — Friday, 9 to 4, Eastern time)

               Note:  I can’t receive a text from this phone number.

Seal kitten final payment — $700 (for $850 kitten)

Payments may also be made with a Money Order, credit card or in cash 

      (all payments need to be in U.S. funds only).  Payments must be paid-in-full

       and cleared before any kitten leaves our home.

Deposits received may be viewed on this page.

Kittens will leave with the following:

Two veterinarian checks with complete health exams each time

Age-appropriate vaccinations


Application for non-breeding ACA registration


Litter-trained & 5 types of cat scratchers-trained

Health guarantee (against fatal congenital defects for one year)

Bags of kitten kibble, along with cans of kitten food they’ve been eating

Balance due

(You fill in the amount using multiples of $10.)

Blue kitten final payment — $800  (for $950 kitten)

Bi-Color Blue kitten final payment — $700  (for $850 kitten)