• Kitten deposit — $150 per kitten, non-refundable...unless the color and/or sex of your future kitten is unavailable in a current litter.  Then I would refund $140 (the remaining $10 would be applied to my banking processing costs).

• Bi-Color kitten final payment — $800  (for $950 kitten)

• Seal kitten final payment — $700 (for $850 kitten)

Payments may also be made with a credit card or in cash

       (all payments need to be in U.S. funds only).  Payments must be paid-in-full

       and cleared before any kitten leaves our home.

Kittens will leave with the following:

Veterinarian-checked with complete health exams

Age-appropriate vaccinations


Application for non-breeding ACA registration as they are for loving homes as cherished pets.

Three-generation pedigree

Litter-trained & 5 types of cat scratchers-trained

Health guarantee (against fatal congenital defects for one year)

Some simple kitty toys and a soft, small blanket (which kittens have enjoyed while sleeping)

Bags of kitten kibble, along with cans of kitten food they’ve been eating

• Balance due

(You fill in the amount using multiples of $10.)

  1. Blue, Chocolate or Lilac kitten final payment — $800 

  2. (for $950 kitten)