Hi, Nancy Lee,

I've been meaning to write for such a long time to tell you how blessed I've been with my two Ragdoll kittens...which I purchased from you.  I have always wanted a Ragdoll, and now after getting these two precious little cherubs, I'm mad that I waited so long!

They have the most beautiful soft coats that defy description, and their blue eyes and markings are absolutely stunning.  I marvel at their appearance every single day and have a phone full of their photos.  Their personalities are sweet and loving as they gladly soak up my frequent hugs & kisses. 

They truly enjoy being around people.  Even around my three big dogs, they are completely unfazed. 

I'm so glad I got two of them...which is not what I had initially planned.  Watching them play and nap together is the cutest thing you can imagine and truly doubled my joy.  I just can't imagine it any other way!

Thank you again for all the loving care that you put into raising these beautiful, healthy Ragdolls.  It definitely shows and I feel so fortunate to be their new mom.

Best Regards,

Rachel Probst

We bought our kitten from Nancy Lee not quite a year ago.  It was such a wonderful experience! 

She was the most caring breeder I have ever met and was a wealth of knowledge on the breed.  She made the process incredibly easy.

As for our cat today, we couldn't have asked for a better cat!  She is amazing with all three of our kids and fits in so well.

Sandi G.

Nancy Lee Cathcart (Knightwood Ragdolls) was absolutely wonderful and made our adoption experience unforgettable.  I was looking for a Ragdoll kitty for my daughter’s 9th birthday.  I sent an email inquiring about one of their baby kittens and had a quick response and all my questions were answered immediately. 

We had a few weeks before we could bring our new kitty home, and during this time Nancy Lee sent us photos, videos and kept us

up-to-date on our precious new kitten. 

Knightwood Ragdolls is the cleanest and Nancy Lee is the most knowledgeable and loving breeder we have ever come across.  Mrs. Cathcart went above and beyond our expectations! 

Our Ragdoll, “Lizzy,” has become my daughter’s best friend and we all absolutely love her so much.

Thank you, Nancy Lee (Knightwood Ragdolls) for our forever friend, “Lizzy.”


The Ferguson Family

    My husband and I had been looking for a responsibly-bred, Seal Point Ragdoll for quite some time.  My husband found Knightwood Ragdolls and surprised me for an early anniversary present.  I knew as soon as I spoke with Nancy Lee that she was highly educated and invested in breeding Ragdolls.  After viewing her website, I was in love. 

    Nancy Lee was responsive and willing to answer any and all of my questions before we picked up our male kitten, who we named Fitzgerald ("Fitz").  “Fitz's” parents are “Sierra” and “Cullen,” and Nancy Lee provided us with all of their pedigree paperwork.  We picked up “Fitz” at Nancy Lee's home and were given time to bond with “Fitz” before driving home.  She and her husband were so kind, thorough and organized.

    We have now had “Fitz” for over six months and cannot express how grateful we are to have him in our lives.  He has a gorgeous coat (it never tangles and everyone comments on how soft it is), beautiful clear blue eyes and a phenomenal disposition.  He even comes when we call him!  He is best friends with our 85+ pound Golden Retriever and loves to play with our almost three-year-old female Lynx Point Siamese.  He cuddles with our guests and loves meeting and playing with babies and children.  He never bites or scratches (we do not declaw our cats).  We can't imagine a day without his voluminous purrs!  He also loves to sleep in your lap and kiss your face.  He is the sweetest and we are so blessed!

Thank you,

Patty and Josh Biggs