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PLEASE REMEMBER that postage and handling charges are NOT included in the back issue prices unless you're ordering by using the 'Inventory Reduction' prices

You MUST add postage and handling to the cart prior to submitting your order using the chart at the bottom of the page.  There are also links next to each purchase button.  If you are not sure how to do this, instructions are included at the bottom of this page.

Postage and handling charges are per issue and not a total charge.  You must update the shopping cart by entering the correct number of issues and clicking on the "update cart" button.  This will then add the appropriate postage and handling charge to your order.

Unfortunately, failure to include proper postage and handling charges at the time you place your order will delay the processing of your order.

PLEASE NOTE: If your subscription order is a gift, use the "comments" section of the PayPal website to indicate the name and address of the gift recipient as well as any message you would like to have put on the gift card.  If mailing in payment, be sure to include this information in your order.  Thank you!

Click here to view our Back Issues and Single Issues.

Instructions for adding postage and handling charges:
(to be printed order to make it easier to include your p&h charges)
1.    Go to the "Single Issues" page.
2.    Select your first issue and click on "Add to Cart."  This will bring up the shopping cart.
3.    Click on the "Continue shopping" button on the cart to get back to our web page.
4.    Order any additional issues, using the "Continue shopping" button in the cart after each issue is added to the cart.
5.    When all issues are in the cart, click on "Continue Shopping" to get back to our web page.
6.    Use the link underneath every issue or scroll to the bottom of the "Single Issues" page to get to the p&h charge(s) chart.
7.    Select the appropriate per-issue charge based on the number of issues you are ordering and click on the "Add to cart" button.
8.    If ordering more than one issue, change the "1" in the quantity box next to the postage and handling charge to reflect the number of issues you are ordering.
9.    Click on the "update cart" button to get the correct postage and handling in the cart.
Click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button to pay for and submit your order.

If you encounter any difficulties in adding the p&h charge(s), you may contact our Webmistress, Nancy Pratt at <>.