Cat goodies & Supplies
which have worked for me

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This is the cat comb which I’ve found works best (over any brushes, etc.)

“Sierra” will come to me and ask me to comb her!

I purchased two of these combs on Amazon —

UGroom Non-Slip Rubber Grip Pet Rotating Pet Comb, 7.25”.

There are some great cat trees on ebay for relatively low prices & free shipping!


This is a great scratching post because it’s heavy and can’t be knocked over when your cat is scratching.   This scratching post is “Sierra’s” favorite.

All three of these scratchers are good since your cat is able to crawl on top of each one and then scratch.

My husband, Frank, built one of these cat scratching posts by using a heavy wooden base, PCV wide plastic pipe and then by wrapping wide sisal rope around the pipe.  The rope was glued onto the plastic pipe.


Just make sure that the base is wide enough and it is heavy enough that a climbing adult cat won’t be able to knock the scratching pole over, especially when the cat climbs to the very top of this pole.

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Pictured (to the right and below )are the kitten foods I’ve been feeding our kittens (these photos are not to scale).  According to information on the internet, you may continue to feed kitten food until your kitten reaches one year. 

I prefer to feed different quality brands of kitten food (like Simply Nourish) because I feel if one brand is lacking in a nutrient another brand will have included that nutrient.   Our kittens and cats free feed various brands of kibble and I feed the canned foods several times each day.

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The following supplies are pictured below —
   • Kitten foods
   • Comb
      • Cat tree 
      • Scratching posts & climbers
      • Litter
      • Kitten/cat toys
       Goodies will continue to be added.. so check back often!

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We’ve found that this cat litter works well for both mother and her kittens.   PetSmart carries this brand.

* * *!   Kittens need stimulation so provide lots of interesting objects various types of attractions.  They don’t need to cost money (see my article titled “The 10 Best Homemade Cat Toys” on my “Cat Articles” page, along with another YouTube link to “Ragdoll Cats Play With A Homemade Cat Want Toy”). 

They love small objects which they can pounce on and bat around.  For example, try all sizes and shapes of boxes and tubes, plastic bowls (which I buy at Dollar General for $1 each),  practice plastic golf balls, bottle caps  and large flat plastic lids (washed), brown paper bags (cut handles at one the loop no longer creates a choking danger and NEVER let your pet play with plastic bags because they can suffocate inside the plastic), along with a wide grosgrain ribbon hanging freely on a door handle.  I find that kittens prefer light-weight objects which may be pushed around and/or carried.

It’s always a good idea to rotate your kitten’s toys so he or she doesn’t become tired of them.  Keep several out and hide the others.  In a few days, present toys your kitten hasn’t seen for some time.

Never let any pet play with or encounter rubber bands, string, tread, yarn, children’s toys, containers with small openings or plastic bags because these can lead to death.  Read more “Kitten and Cat Dangers Every Cat Lover Should Know” on this website (click to view).

Below are some inexpensive toys our kittens especially enjoy:

    •  SmartyKat, Incline Scratcher, Sisal Angle and

    •  Smartykat, Collapsible Tunnel Toy, Crackle Chute

              (both of which I purchased at Menards).

Sorry...I can’t remember the names of these other toys

             because I purchased them so long ago, however,

             whenever possible, I researched and found

             either the original or one similar on Amazon.

You may see our kittens playing with some of

these great toys on this website’s page titled

“Videos of Kittens” (click to view).


Some of these tunnels may be connected to each other in order to extend or to add angles to a kitten’s route.

Smartykat, Collapsible Tunnel Toy, Crackle Chute —

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This is a SmartyKat, Incline Scratcher, Sisal Angle —

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SmartyKat Chaise Corrugated Lounge With Catnip Cat Scratcher —

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FroliCat Bolt Laser Light —

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Undercover Mouse Exercise Toy

either “Cat’s Meow’s” or “Yosoo’s” product.

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Yellow Soft Strands Wand Cat Toy —

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Dragonfly With Rod, Interchangeable Toy —

This is one of the best built toys we’ve ever encountered and, best of all, our Ragdolls absolutely love this toy!

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Once a week of give each Ragdoll some Vetoquinol Care’s Laxatone which is a lubricant for for the elimination and prevention of hairballs.  To avoid hairballs, it’s a good idea to put this gel (read instructions) on your cat’s/kitten’s leg once a week.   I purchase this product from my vet or from the internet.  Your cat/kitten will lick it off.   Store this product either in the refrigerator or in a dark, cold place.

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And...just in case one of our cats or kittens can’t eat, I always keep these two supplements available:  Vetoquinol Care’s Nutri-Cal and Kitten Replacement Milk (KRM) —

Nutri-Cal is made by Vetoquinol Care.  It’s a Patatable High-Calorie Nutritional Supplement Gel which you may purchase from your vet or on the internet because one never knows when a cat/kitten won’t want to eat or can’t eat.  By putting the gel (read instructions for correct amount) on a cat’s/kitten’s leg, he or she will lick it off.  At least, in emergencies, your cat/kitten will be able receive immediately quality nutrition.

I also keep Kitten Replacement Milk (KRM) handy if more or another type of nutrition is required.  I store both in the refrigerator or in a cold, dark place...until needed.

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Cat Crazies are light-weight toys which all cats seem to enjoy throwing in the air and chasing.

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