Kittens (at 5 weeks) are pictured learning to climb on top of a box and several kittens are brave enough to navigate along the top edge of one of their enclosures.

“Sierra” is pictured with her 12-day old kittens.

“Sierra” is pictured with her (2-week, 1-day old) kittens.

“Sierra” is pictured with her (2-week, 1-day old) kittens.

“Sierra” is pictured with her almost 3-week old kittens.

Kittens are pictured at 5 weeks.  One kitten is displaying her exploring abilities.

“Sierra” is pictured with her 3-week old kittens who are just beginning to play.

“Sierra” is pictured with her 4-week old kittens.  This was their first adventure

climbing on the slanted cat scratcher and they’re still a little awkward when playing.

“Sierra” is pictured with her 4-week old kittens.  The kittens are beginning

to learn to use kitty, as you can see, the litter is not staying in its box.

Kittens (at 7 weeks) are shown while playing.  These two types of scratchers are being use by each kitten.  My wonderful husband made the tall scratching post and it was unraveling before these kittens were introduced to it.  Hopefully he will be fixing it soon.

The Seal Mitted female kitten has just been presented with a new toy

while the other kittens are watching and then participating in play (at 6 weeks of age).

My apologies that the first few moments of this video is sideways.

Our four kittens (7 weeks) are shown conquering the tall sisal post..

Kittens (at just 6 weeks) have just been introduced to this tall scratching post

so climbing is tentative, but successful.

As you can tell, however, mastering the small, leaning scratcher has been accomplished.

My apologies for this sideways just happens for a few moments.

Our six-week kittens have now learned how to use both types of scratchers.

Who’s ‘king of the mountain’ and who are the other six-weeks observers?

This is the first time our Blue Color-Point female kitten (at 6 weeks) has seen this toy

and it seems that she’s saying, “My oh my...this is fun”!