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    Spring 2012
    First place--Nan McClure:
"Which do I eat first--the chicken or the egg?"

Honorable Mention--Jesse Hatfield (Hatfield's Shelties):
"I've heard of 'chicken a la carte,' but what's this 'chicken under foot'?"

Honorable Mention--Vicki Betker (Shimoda Shetland Sheepdogs):
"Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty. Glasses...what glasses?"

Honorable Mention--Mary Jean Simpson (Fifesong):
"Where is Colonel Sanders when you need him?"

Honorable Mention--Billie Adams (Lakewood Shelties):
"Looks like the Colonel is going to have a little competition with the cooking tonight."

Honorable Mention--Karen Coombs (Arenray Shelties):
"Original or Krispy? I'll take original please!"
Fall/Winter 2011   Summer 2011
First place—Angie Curtis (Celebration Shelties):
"Oooh, goodie...the latest Sheltie Pacesetter!  Do you think we will ever make the cover?"

Honorable Mention—Jody Abrahamson (Jopavist Shetland Sheepdogs):
"Thank you, Lord, for all my Shelties.  Amen."  

Honorable Mention—Cheryl Parkinson (Parkae Shelties):
"I hate it when we have to invite a human to our tea party.  It takes forever to get 'our' food because of 'their' special needs!" 

Honorable Mention—Liana Maloney (Cincerlee Shelties):
"No, no, no.  You're doing it all wrong.  You're supposed to stick your pinky finger in the air."
First place--Vickey Willard (Houston Sheltie Sanctuary):
"Dude...this isn't going to work if we don't AT LEAST go in the same direction!"

Honorable Mention--Howard La Fave:
"It's very important to look at where you've you'll know where you're headed."

Honorable Mention--Jamie McKay:
"We don't seem to be getting anywhere.  Now, let ME lead!"

Honorable Mention--Howard La Fave:
"Mom said that we must always look BOTH ways."

Honorable Mention--Beth Dye:
"They figured out how to make us look TWICE as cute!"
Spring 2011   Winter 2010
First place--Harry and Lisa Greca-Domke (ShadowBrook Shelties):
    "How MUCH do you love me?"

Honorable Mention--Amanda Barrella:
    "Chocolate cake??? I didn't eat any chocolate cake. 
      Why do you ask?"

Honorable Mention--Kit Redeker (Sagemist Shelties):
    "I thought it was a big puddle of chocolate, Mom!"

Honorable Mention--Jamie McKay:
"Dirty dancing anyone!”

  First place--Marcia Kardatzke (Aileron Goldens):
    "Is this really the best way to learn tracking?"

Honorable Mention--Joanne Zolnierek (Mystic Grove Collies & Shelties):
    "Where did you say to look for your car keys...Dad?"

Honorable Mention--Shawn M. DeLion (Royal Gold Shetland Sheepdogs):
    "Mmmm...from this smell, there has to be SOMETHING edible in here!"

Honorable Mention--Janice La Fave:
    "Oooh, the stories this shoe could tell!”

Honorable Mention-- Joanne Zolnierek (Mystic Grove Collies & Shelties)::
    "Where did I put that darn bone?"
Fall 2010   Summer 2010
First place--Shawn M. DeLion (Royal Gold Shetland Sheepdogs):
    "Not me!  You get it!  That's one of those pincher bugs!"

Honorable Mention--Trudy Deagle:
    "They say the grass is always green on the other side. 
      I don't get it.  It looks the same to me!"

Honorable Mention--Jamie McKay:
    "Two heads are better than one!"

Honorable Mention--Janice La Fave:
    "You're right!  From this angle it does look like those ants are baiting and stacking.”

Honorable Mention--Janice La Fave:
    "I know if we put our heads together we can think
     of a way out of this mess."
  First place--Irene Munsey (Donlyn Shetland Sheepdogs):
    "What?  YOU mow the yard!"

Honorable Mention--Janice La Fave:
    "Is this the obstacle that is going to replace the pause table?"

Honorable Mention--Pat Keohane (PaRodise Shelties):
    "It must be 5 o'clock...somewhere!"

Honorable Mention--Jamie McKay:
    "I don't remember this obstacle being on the Agility course before."

Honorable Mention--Lisa Greca-Domke (Shadowbrook Shelties):
    "The sheep got out AGAIN...really?"

Honorable Mention--Christina L. Lafferty, Ed. D.:
    "You die!"
Spring 2010   Winter 2009
First place--Pat Keohane (PaRodise Shelties):
    "I'm trying out a new peeing position."

Honorable Mention--Erica L. Canaday (Keepsake Shepherds:)
    "Memo to self--if I'm gonna make fun of someone's ears, pick upon someone smaller than myself!"

Honorable Mention--Jamie McKay:
    "Uh oh...I signed up for the wrong wrestling weight class."

Honorable Mention--Shawn M. DeLion (Royal Gold Shetland Sheepdogs:
    "Okay...stop tickling me and I'll help you get the tape off your ears, but Mom's gonna be mad."

Honorable Mention--Jillian Ellis (Sorella Shelties):
    "I love it when you 'fawn' over me!"

Honorable Mention--Janice La Fave:
    "Open mouth, insert foot.  Open mouth, insert puppy"
  First place--Susan McGarry (Nanticoke Shelties):
"When do I get to call my lawyer?"

Honorable Mention--Rachel Hopkins Miller (Starlight Shelties:)
"I believe I have my escape plan."

Honorable Mention--Jamie McKay:
"I'm working on my rear-end awareness training for Agility!"

Honorable Mention--Jo Zolnierek (Mystic Grove Collies & Shelties):
"How long do I need to sit in "time out"?"

Honorable Mention--Lisa A. Phelps, D.O. (TriBeacon Shelties):
"Read me that nursery rhyme again. How does it go...
'Little Jack Horner sat in the corner'?"

Honorable Mention--Lisa Greca-Domke (Shadowbrook Shelties):
"I don't want that kibble! I'll sit here all day until Mom gets back."

Fall 2009

Summer 2009

First place--Shawn M. DeLion (Royal Gold Shetland Sheepdogs):
"Oh man!  You and your 'One More For the Road...'!"

Honorable Mention--Janice La Fave:
"I'd love to marry you, but they say our kids would make rotten Sheepdogs."

Honorable Mention--Ed Martin (The Chalk Guy):
"Mooooove along...this is the Sheltie ring."

Honorable Mention--Jo Zolnierek (Mystic Grove Collies & Shelties):
"Do you think Mom and Dad will EVER forgive us?"

Honorable Mention--Diana Wesner:
"There now...everything will be all right"

First place--Bryan Borchardt (Solstice Shelties):
"Now, THIS is my type of Agility course!"

Honorable Mention--Steven Zolnierek (Mystic Grove Shelties):
"OK...since we can't figure out what that 'thing' is,
we should round it up and herd it over there!"

Honorable Mention--Deidra Campbell (Rosestones Shelties):
"Man...that is one slick new broad jump."

Honorable Mention--Carole Wolfram (Song Of Joy Shelties):
"Follow me...I'm the 'Sheltie Pacesetter' at this dog park!"

Spring 2009

Winter 2008-09

First place--Marie Stabler (Camarrro Shetland Sheepdogs):
"You know what I see as I gaze into your lovely eyes?  Steak!"

Honorable Mention--Christina Lafferty, Ed. D. (Nattering Springs Shelties):
"If you are a bi-black then you're waaaay oversize!"

Honorable Mention--Heather Lampman (Tartan Hill Corgis):
"I am guessing 'Baa Ram Ewe' isn't going to work here."

Honorable Mention--Jana Cobb:
"Seriously, man, I only eat chicken!"

Honorable Mention--Emily Miller (Domaine Shelties):
"Back off, boys--I already got me a stud dog!"

Honorable Mention--Karen Peak (Will O'Wisp Shelties):
"Human, when will you learn?  I am a SHEEPDOG--these need a CATTLEDOG!"

First place--Christina L. Lafferty, Ed. D (Nattering Springs Shelties):
“See what happens when you don't send 'em to Puppy Kindergarten?”

Honorable Mention--Emily Miller (Domaine Shelties):
“You get near my girl and I'll unleash my full Sheltie powers!”

Honorable Mention--Jacquelyn Kuhens:
“Anyone who wants to hurt you has to get though me first!”

Honorable Mention--Jill Ellis (Sorella Shelties):
“I'm making sure she doesn't peek!   Hurry up and hide before she counts to ten!”

Honorable Mention--Toni Pomasl (Mtn. Mysts Shelties):
It was the cat, NOT us!  Really!”

Fall 2008

Summer 2008

First place--Kat Burgess (Southern Elite Shelties):
“Please excuse the mask--my mom is changing the baby's diaper!” 

Honorable Mention--Tammy Alden (Coastal Shelties):
“Well, you said I needed a tad more muzzle.  How's this?” 

Honorable Mention--Colleen Tyler (The Tri-Color Sheltie Store):
“Don't you hate it when your cookie falls to the bottom of the cappuccino?"

Honorable Mention--Bruce Duckworth (Autumn Creek Shelties):
“What time do we show?  More coffee!” 

Honorable Mention--Jackie Moran (Sunrae Designs):
“Now, that's what I call 'good to the last drop!'” 

Honorable Mention--Jamie McKay:
“Drinking and Herding not allowed!” 

First place—Carole Wolfram (Song Of Joy Shelties):
“And, if I am elected president...hey, can someone get me a shorter podium so I can see my supporters?”

Honorable Mention—Laurie Carlisle (Woof Walks Pet Sitting):
“I'm proud to be an American-Bred!”

Honorable Mention—Jim Melton (Sheltie Rescue of Utah):
“A Sheltie salute to the dogs who have died defending our freedom!"

Honorable Mention—Charlene Morse Hines:
“I will wait until you come home.”

Honorable Mention—Joanne Zolnierek (Mystic Grove Shelties):
“If I promise to hold this flag gently in my mouth, do you think I can be in the parade?”

Honorable Mention—Emily Miller (Domaine Shelties):
“I pledge allegiance to the United States of America and to the bones that we chew!”

Spring 2008

Winter 2007-08

First place--Valerie Dolan (Heidun Shetland Sheepdogs):
“Don’t you just hate going into the ring with bugs in your teeth?”

Honorable Mention--Carol Carlisle (Agility A Go Go):
“I know we’re trying to save on gas, but this is ridiculous!"

Honorable Mention--Marie Williams (Signature Shelties):
“If you can’t ride with the big Shelties...stay off the bike.”

Honorable Mention--Laurel Brass (Challey Shelties):
“Now, this is the way to herd sheep!”

Honorable Mention--Vicki Blazina (Silvergate Shetland Sheepdogs):
“Remember, guys--what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”

Honorable Mention--Christina Lafferty (Nattering Springs Shelties):
“Here comes that police dog!  Look casual.”

Honorable Mention--Carol Gefell (Dark Star Kennel):
“Dang...if I were oversize, I could reach that gear shift!”

First place--Carol Gefell (Dark Star Kennel):
“So...who's your daddy?”

Honorable Mention--Valerie Dolan (Heidun Shetland Sheepdogs):
“I'm sorry to hear that you were disqualified.  It's your color, you know." 

Honorable Mention--Marcia Kardatzke (Aileron Goldens):
“This is the brother we don't talk about.”

 Honorable Mention--Jackie Moran (MorDesign):
“Hey, Mom...can we keep her?  She's really cool and doesn't make a sound.”

Honorable Mention--Carole Wolfram (Song Of Joy Shelties):
“She's my new girlfriend...but it's just a 'winter thing.' ”

Fall 2007

Summer 2007

First place--Kathy Both:
"Sheltie masters the Counter Obstacle in the Kitchen Agility Course!"

Honorable Mention--Lisa Greca-Domke (Shadowbrook Shelties):
"Yeah, that's it...make sure you leave YOUR nose prints on the counter!"

Honorable Mention--Lisa-Gray Vick, M.Ed.:
"Oh, for goodness' don't have to get ON the counter.  Watch this cat!"

Honorable Mention--Erica L. Canaday (Kindred Spirit Shelties):
"Oh no!  If you think I'm getting blamed for this without getting a snack, you're so wrong!"

First place--Joy Good (Goodtime Shelties):
“This is the biggest sable-headed white I've ever seen!”

Honorable Mention--Mary Bryant (Crosswood Shelties):
“I sure hope that you're a good mover with lots of reach and drive...otherwise this could be a bumpy ride!"

Honorable Mention--Col. Chris Lafferty (Nattering Springs Shelties) “I'll bet the Shetland Island Tourism Center will love this!”

Honorable Mention--Carole Wolfram (Song Of Joy Shelties):
“A Shetland Sheepdog on a Shetland Pony...isn't that redundant?”

Honorable Mention--Laurel Brass (Challey Shelties):
“Is there a wicket BIG enough for this guy?”

Spring 2007

Winter 2006-07

First place--Dianne Hawes (Wistwin Shelties):
“This is the younger generation’s idea of an Agility Class?”

 Honorable Mention--Sandra Hellberg (Sandyhill Shelties):
“Just this one show.  Then I’ll get to my homework.  I promise!"

Honorable Mention--Evelyn Susin (Crinan Shelties):
“Hmm, if I can just figure how to get inside that little box!”

Honorable Mention--Joanna Santiago:
“All right now, how many times am I gonna have to watch this before I get my treat?”

Honorable Mention--Steve Curtis (Regal Kennels):
“Now, that’s an undersized Sheltie—but then, so is the human.”

First place--Carole Wolfram (Song Of Joy Shelties):
"Don't blame're the one who wanted to leave California  and move to Colorado!"

Honorable Mention--Col. Chris Lafferty (Nattering Springs Shelties):
"Whose bright idea was it for us to be extras in Eight Below?"

Honorable Mention--Lindsay Furlong (Masterpiece Shelties):
"I thought you said I was going to be a SHOW dog, not a  SNOW dog!"

Honorable Mention--Rachel Hopkins Miller (Starlight Shelties):
"I guess Mom forgot to get all the chalk out this time!"

Honorable Mention--Megan Maholsic (Regal Shelties):
"A RAINCOAT?  How is this supposed to keep me dry from the SNOW?"

Fall 2006

Summer 2006

First place -- Judy Quirk (Deja Blue Shelties):
"OUCH!  My life as a stud dog is over!"

Honorable Mention -- Sandy Spikes (StarsRanch):
"Oh no, not now!  I've gotta go potty!"

Honorable Mention -- Sheri Whitsitt (Whitland Shelties):
"Yikes!  I really need to cut back on the kibble!"

Honorable Mention -- Joanne Zolnierek (Mystic Grove Farm):
"What did Mom say about keeping my mouth closed when running...and bugs?"

Honorable Mention -- Bev Klassen (Attridge Shelties):
"I can't believe she makes me do this with my hay fever acting up!"

Honorable Mention -- Shayne Gurry (Faerie Tail Shelties):
"Mom really needs to get me some shades -- this sun is killing me!"

First place—Jeannie and Jennifer Selby (Twin Cedar Shelties):
“And they said I didn’t have any neck!"

Honorable Mention—Cindy Karn (KLove Shelties):
“Boy!  These Agility obstacles are getting harder and harder!”

Honorable Mention—Lisa Greca-Domke (Shadowbrook Shelties):
“Man!  This ‘high-in-the-rear thing’ is kinda embarrassing!”

Honorable Mention—Nina Skubie:
“Whoever came up with the bright idea that you should stretch before exercising?”

Honorable Mention—Cheryl Shick:
“Mom said that I was supposed to be slightly longer than I was tall, but, this is ridiculous!”

Spring 2006

Winter 2005-06

First place--Margaret Zacher (Ladymagic Shetland Sheepdogs):
"So...if I eat enough of these, I'll pass the eye exam?"

Honorable Mention--Vicki Blazina (Silvergate Shetland Sheepdogs):
"Munch, crunch.....Mom forgot to glue your ears down!"

Honorable Mention--Erica L. Canaday (Kindred Spirit Shepherds):
"Hey, this isn't steak!"

Honorable Mention--Elizabeth L. Stroter:
"Somebunny turned me on to beta-carrot-tenes"

Honorable Mention--Marcia Kardatzke (Aileron Goldens):
"So, Peter...Mom forgot to tape your ears, huh?"

Honorable Mention--Rachel Hopkins Miller and Filiberto Martinez  (Starlight Shelties):
"Silly Wabbit...carrots are for Shelties, too!"

First place—Sharon Stocks (Falling Feather Acres)
“Oh’s a YELLOW snow ball!"

Honorable Mention—Tiffany Birkinbine (Aiseiri Corgis):
“Catch a tennis ball an’ put it in your pocket.  Save it for a hairy day!”
 —sung to the tune of "Catch A Falling Star."

Honorable Mention—Diann Freel (Abby Blue Lace Shelties)
“Oh!  I forgot my snow shoes!”

Honorable Mention—Joanne N. Zolnierek (Mystic Grove Collies & Shelties):
“Wait...hold the phone...what did my Mom say about yellow snow?”

Honorable Mention—Jamie McKay:
“Open wide!”

Honorable Mention—Matt Twitty (Jestwit Shetland Sheepdogs):
“I’d like to see Andre Agassi do this with a tennis ball!”

Fall 2005

Summer 2005

First place—Sharon Cardwell
“Lucy, you got some splainin to do!"

Honorable Mention—Susan McGarry (Nanticoke Kennel):
“And they say blondes have more fun!”

Honorable Mention—Janet Barber (Jandale Shetland Sheepdogs)
“It says ANY other allowed color!”

Honorable Mention—Jan Wertz (Westcoyne Shelties):
“I’m Miz Scarlett.  Where evah did Rhett get to?”

Honorable Mention—Joy Good (Goodtime Shelties):
“Come weth me to de Casbah and we’ll make beeUtiful muszak together!”

Honorable Mention—Sheila Kitchens
“Hey!  What are you looking at?  It works for Tina Turner!!”

First place—Evelyn Susin (Crinan Shelties)
“Shhh...don’t tell him we’re behind him.  Now, if we can just get ahead of him, I’m sure we’ll have another present for him to pick up!”

Honorable Mention—Janice La Fave:
“Shouldn’t the guy with the pooper scooper be walking BEHIND us?”

Honorable Mention—Megan Maholsic (Regal Shelties)
“ herd this lamb through the unsuspecting guy’s two legs!”

Honorable Mention—Evelyn Susin (Crinan Shelties):
“Hey, it wasn’t was the one pretending to be a Sheltie!”

Honorable Mention—Paul Hart:
“You get back here!  You’re the one with the pooper-scooper!”

Spring 2005

Winter 2004

First place--Julius Van de Pas:
China?  A little help here!

Honorable Mention--Janice La Fave:
Here she comes with the moleskin and glue.  I'm outta here!

Honorable Mention--Maggie Gleason:
Bottoms UP!

Honorable Mention--Lisa Greca-Domke (Shadowbrook Shelties):
Freeze!  Act like a Collie-flower!

Honorable Mention--LeAnn Nelson (Tymeless Shetland Sheepdogs):
Look out Martha Stewart...Ill show you how to plant a pretty garden!

Honorable Mention--Jamie McKay (Brigadoon Shelties):
Shelties can do anything that Terriers can do...but, better!

First place—Marcia Kardatzke (Aileron Goldens):
“Well, dang...I suppose it’s back to the unemployment line.”
Honorable Mention—Marcia Kardatzke (Aileron Goldens):
“Well, hey! YOU’RE the RETRIEVER! YOU go retrieve him!"
Honorable Mention—Eric Forsyth:
“Me a Sheltie. You, a Golden. Who would have thought we weren’t aerodynamic enough to get off the ground? But, at least we’re warm!”
Honorable Mention—Vicki Blazina (Silvergate Shelties):
“I hope you realize this puts us on the VERY naughty list!”

Fall 2004

July/August 2004

First place—Cathy Stanley:
“I’m ‘Kingsley’”!  “Instead of being ‘Lord of the Jungle,’ I’m ‘Lord of the Front Yard’ ”!

Honorable Mention—Shane Gurry (Faerie Tail Shelties):
“This town ain’t big enough for the two of us!”

Honorable Mention—Becky and Roger Wilhoit:
“I pledge allegiance to the Shetland Sheepdog flag of America... for devotion, loyalty, trainability and cuteness for which it stands.”


First place—Wendy Hanson:
“Oooooh!  Never get downwind from a flatulent Bulldog!”

Honorable Mention—Kara A. Kolster, DVM:
“Now tap your heels three times and say, ‘I wish I was a Sheltie, I  wish I was a Sheltie, I wish I was a Sheltie.’”

Honorable Mention—Janice LaFave:
“Is this what they mean by a ‘benched show’?”

Honorable Mention—Laura Galbo (Hylan Shelties):
“Dreaming to be Shelties”

Honorable Mention—Kara A. Kolster, DVM:
“There were six on the bench and the little one said, ‘Roll over, roll over’ so they all rolled over and one fell out.  There were five on the bench...”

Honorable Mention—Robyn Fatula-Confer (Mejimo Shelties):
“So we played badly today and got benched...WHO CARES!”

May/June 2004

March/April 2004

First place—Holly Johnston (Swingstar Collies and Shelties):
There’s a place in France where the naked Shelties dance,
    there’s a hole in the wall where the stud dogs see it all!”

Honorable Mention—Lori Murry:
“HELP!  I think my nose is stuck in the crack!”

Honorable Mention—Becky and Roger Wilhoit:
“Sheltie lineup!  Up against the fence and spread ’em!”

Honorable Mention—Holly Johnston (Swingstar Collies and Shelties):
“It’s true!  The grass IS greener on the other side of the fence!”

Honorable Mention—Carole Nielsen (Craigie Hill Shelties):
C’mon boys!  Dad didn’t say Britney Spears was next door,
    he said Brittany Spaniel!”

Honorable Mention—Laura Elaine Gibson (Riverwind Shelties):
“Okay everybody.  1...2...3...push!  We’re bust’n out of here!”

First place—Mike Lo Vuolo:
“Internet dating is so much fun!  Is there any way we can sniff one another over the Internet?”

 Honorable Mention—Tim O’Brien:
“M sable seeks F sable for possible LTR.”

Honorable Mention—Tammy Alden (Coastal Kennels):
“It really is true...the camera does add 10 pounds.”

Honorable Mention—Gail Duff (Winterlace Shelties):
“Oh Mom...I want THIS one!  Can I have her?  Huh?  Can I have her?”

Honorable Mention—Margaret Zacher:
“I said more underjaw..not a double chin.  Can’t they retouch photos properly!”

Honorable Mention—Denise S. Deskiewicz (DeVine Shelties):
“Why don’t you come out of that computer and see me sometime, big boy?  Your Specialty or mine?”

January/February 2004

November/December 2003

First place—Marcia Kardatzke (Aileron Goldens):
“And when Noah saw there were more than two...he made an exception...”

 Honorable Mention—Karen Freed (Wynstar Shelties):
“Keep looking, everyone!  I know those sheep are out there somewhere!”

Honorable Mention—Milly Keith:
“Hey!  If we’re playing tag, who’s it?

Honorable Mention—Pamela Fyffe (Paradise Shelties):
“When it comes to having fun outside, this white stuff sure beats the green grass!”

Honorable Mention—Jan Kloss:
“Schools out!”

Honorable Mention—Glen Bintliff:
“Oh how’s snowing Shelties!”

First place—Wendy Hanson:
“All in favor of keeping the cat out of our sandbox, say ‘Aye’!” 

Honorable Mention—Cathi Gorman (Springmist Shelties):
“I thought these synchronized Sheltie swimming classes included the water!” 

Honorable Mention—Marcy Tromblee:
“Simon Says, wave your left paw!” 

Honorable Mention—Becky and Roger Wilhoit:
“Raise your paw and repeat the first line of the Sheltie oath, I promise to be CUTE’!” 

Honorable Mention—Gail Duff (Winterlace Shelties):
“Bye, bye, Mom.  Don’t forget the Milk Bone!” 

Honorable Mention—Polly Brolin (Coastal Kennels):
“Who has to go for a potty break...raise your paw!

September/October 2003

July/August 2003

First place—Karen Coombs (Arenray Shetland Sheepdogs):
“I must get my eyes rechecked because I can’t hear a thing!”

 Honorable Mention—Laura Elaine Gibson (Riverwind Shelties):
“Cough and tell me where you’re herding!”

Honorable Mention—Scott, Traci and “Sugar”:
“A doctor’s life is hectic.  I think I’ll go back to herding sheep.”

Honorable Mention—Paige Johnson (BamJo’s Shelties):
“Can you hear me now?”

Honorable Mention—Toni Pomasl (Mtn. Mysts Shelties):
“I diagnose a severe case of lamb-in-itis!”

First place—Jennifer Milani (Maplecove Shelties):

Honorable Mention—Karan Graham:
“Here, let me help you with that ear glue.”

Honorable Mention—Kelsea Carter:
“You used to call when you were going to be home late!”

Honorable Mention—Donald Schultz:
“My diagnosis need a total squeaker replacement, stat!”

Honorable Mention—Duane Miller:
“It’s like looking in a mirror!”

Honorable Mention—Sandi Sossamon (Sossamon Shelties):
“Isn’t it nice to have a night out without the kids!”

Honorable Mention—Sherry Lee (Linden Shelties):
“Listen here, buster, watch where you’re putting those paws!”


May/June 2003

March/April 2003

First place—Laura Elaine Gibson (Riverwind Shelties):
“I said clippers, not slippers!”
Honorable Mention—Becky and Roger Wilhoit:
“Remember that old can tell how big a Sheltie will be “by the size of its feet when it’s a pup? Well...guess again!”
Honorable Mention—Jamie McKay:
“You know what they say about guys with big feet!”
Honorable Mention—Joanne Zolnierek (Mystic Grove Collies & Shelties):
“Okay Mom...NOW would you PLEASE tell me who has the biggest “feet in this family?”
Honorable Mention—Jamie McKay:
“Now if someone would just give me a $90,000,000 shoe deal!”
Honorable Mention—Robin Davis (Oak Glen Shelties):
“Every time I get into the salted peanuts I gain 30 pounds in my ankles and feet! Do you think Mom will know I got into her peanuts again?”


First place—Jamie McKay:
“I had to sleep with a lot of Shelties to get this coat!”
Honorable Mention—Terri Frenia (Ripley Hill Shelties and Cardigans):
“I am guaranteed High In Trial, let me see them herd THIS sheep!”
Honorable Mention—Mike Adams:
“Herd this, you stinking Border Collie!”
Honorable Mention—Robin Davis (Oak Glen Shelties):
‘Smokey’ camouflaged himself in an attempt to avoid getting groomed, not realizing the sheep were being rounded up for the “spring wool shearing.”
Honorable Mention—Frank Fletcher (Seasong Shelties):
“I sure hope that ram doesn’t catch me!”
Honorable Mention—Becky and Roger Wilhoit:
“I may have used just a TAD too much Snuggles in my final rinse!

January/February 2003

November/December 2002

Tied for first place - Robin Davis (Oak Glen Shelties):
“I asked Santa for a new toy, not a new boy!”

Tied for first place - Pam Carroll (Houston Sheltie Sanctuary, Inc.):
“I asked Santa for a box full of toys...not a box full of boy!”

Honorable Mention goes to Vivian Bound (Bound Brook Kennels):
“I thought the stork brought them!”

Honorable Mention goes to Jean Clodwick (Trinity Shetland Sheepdogs):
“Gee, we wanted Wendys and Dad brings home Jack In The Box!

Honorable Mention goes to Laura Elaine Gibson (Riverwind Shelties):
“Hey, does it come with batteries?”

Honorable Mention goes to Cathy Merrithew (Kyalta Shelties):
“YOU touch it...I’m not gonna touch it!”

First place goes to Robin Davis (Oak Glen Shelties):
“‘Delilah’ looked with wonder at the photo of herself, taken many years before, only to ponder what might have been had she pursued her career instead of settling down and having puppies.”

Honorable Mention goes to Marci Nadler (Sea Breeze Farm):
“Woo hoo!  Just look at that dog!  Talk about a STUD MUFFIN!”

Honorable Mention goes to Marie Davino (Mikamar Shetland Sheepdogs):
“Yeah, sure, I’d like to see THAT ONE herd a bunch of sheep!”

Honorable Mention goes to Janice La Fave:
“Honest.  I only buy this magazine for the articles.”

Honorable Mention goes to John Murphy (Katrydon Shelties):
“I love MEEEEEEE!”


September/October 2002

July/August 2002

First place goes to Margaret Zacher (Ladymagic Shelties):
“Our kind have to stick together. You know those brown guys are everywhere.”
Honorable Mention goes to Gary Fletcher:
“Your crate or mine?”
Honorable Mention goes to Stephanie Stringfellow (Lir Shelties):
“I got you babe.”
Honorable Mention goes to Vickey Willard  (Houston Sheltie Sanctuary):
“It just doesn’t get any better than this!”
Honorable Mention goes to Ron and Debbie Meyers:
“I know, I see it too, but the command was sit-stay!”
Honorable Mention goes to Karen Coombs (Arenray Shetland Sheepdogs):
“Don't worry, it was just a six week measurement, there will be others.”


First place goes to Donna Hall (Sunny Crest Shelties):
“Strike a pose?  Ooops, I thought you said bite my nose!”
Honorable Mention goes to Jason Mazzone:
“I told you, the glue goes on my EARS!”
Honorable Mention goes to Karen Freed (Wynstar Shelties):
“Camera shy?  Who me?  There’s not a shy bone in my body!”
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