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 Popular Sweetener is Toxic for Dogs:  Gum with Xylitol Can Cause Liver Failure in Dogs, by Sharon L. Peters
Special for USA TODAY [added 8/27/07]

The Wrath of Grapes:  Discover Why Grapes and Raisins Prove Toxic to Dogs, by Charlotte Means, D.V.M.
Veterinary Toxicologist [added 8/27/07]

Dangerous Plants for Pets [added 8/27/07]

What Would Happen to My Dogs? Part 1 by Patricia L. Davis, Esq. [added 1/16/07]

I'VE LOST MY DOG!  Who to Contact and What To Do if Your Dog Gets Lost by Chris Tresch [added 10/22/06]

Breeding Stock Health:  What genetic testing should be done on Shetland Sheepdogs before breeding? [added 7/12/05]

Dogs Will Be Dogs by Norma Bennett Woolf [added 5/18/04]

Top Ten Worst Excuses Not to Spay or Neuter A Pet [added 6/29/03]

When Good Dogs Eat Bad Plants [added 6/29/03]

The Value of a Mentor, by Joan B. Guertin [added 6/29/03]

The Gift of the Pre-Owned Dog, by Melody Greba [added 5/21/03]

Are Shelties for Everyone?, based on an article by Trini Gilmore [added 5/21/03]

Letter to a Pet Owner, Author Unknown [added 12/4/02]

Years Ago On The Iowa Spring Circuit, by Ann Billington, Colanmara Collies and Shelties [added 7/31/02]

Our Shelties, by Daveena and Lindsey Michael, RiverDance Shelties [added 7/31/02]

TRUST...A Deadly Disease, by Sharon Mashers [added 2/1/02]

So You’re Angry Because I Turned You Down  by Dori Stadler, Touchtone Shelties  [added 1/31/02]

A Self-Awareness Test,  by Debbie Smithson, Crystalove Shelties

The Canine Myth  by Bea Jay

Building Your Pedigree For Improvement In Purebred Stock by Melissa E. Parsley, Parsley Glen

Fur By Farr  by Lynn Farr

Breeding/Stud Services  by Angie Weitkamp, Kaskia

So You Expect To Make Money Breeding . . .  by Kathy Kozakiewicz, Istari Shelties

What Not to Get Your Dog for Christmas   by Sandy Lindsey

Warning!  Poison to Dogs and Cats!

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