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(Front Cover - Summer 2012 - click on photo to see cover story)

In this Issue (Summer 2012) -

2012 Assa National Judges' Critiques

Judging the 2012 ASSA National, by Rebecca Porter (Istari Shetland Sheepdogs, LLC, Reg.)

ASSA National Specialty Sportlights

ASSA National Specialty Winners, Kissimmee, Florida

March 2012 ASSA Parade of Veterans Candid Shots

2012 ASSA National Specialty Week

A Tribute to Castlegate Shelties (Lynn and Tom Uram)

A Tribute to Saranac Shelties (Terri Poirier and Anne Foreman

"Chase," Champion of All, by Kit Redeker (Sagemist Shelties)

From the Skeptic Tank--The Psychology of Change, by Dr. Al Grossman (Winning Solutions)

New Dog Crossbreeds

Shelties on Vacation, by Alice Dusenberry


and lots more . . . .

In Every Issue -

Welcome Novice! - A continuing series of articles written by Kathy Kozakiewicz (Istari Shelties) on a variety of subjects of special relevance for new breeders but of interest to experienced breeders as well

The Sheltie At Work - Tracking, Herding and Agility, by Jean Clodwick (Trinity Shetland Sheepdogs) - covers Shelties at work (and play)!

Through the Paces, by Beverly B. Muhlenhaupt (Tracerville Shelties) - all about Obedience happenings

Top Agility, Herding, Junior Handlers, compiled by Joyce Herie (Westernesse Shelties)

Top Conformation and Obedience - Canada, compiled by Cathy Merrithew (Kyalta Shetland Sheepdogs)

Top Conformation and Obedience - United States, compiled by Joyce Herie (Westernesse Shelties)

Trade Secrets (Helpful hints from fellow Sheltie owners on every subject)

Bark Back (Our readers sound-off on a variety of topics)

On Line With Sheltie Pacesetter, by Dorothy K. Christiansen (Lynnlea Shetland Sheepdogs) - covers topics of interest to Sheltie fanciers on the internet




(Back Cover  - Summer 2012 - click on photo to see cover story)
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