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      I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed your recent issue (May/June 2002), which spotlighted and celebrated our versatile Shelties.  Kudos to you all.  The work, devotion and teamwork involved in such accomplishments can only be considered extraordinary.

    I wanted to point out, though, that there is still a very large segment of the Sheltie population who deserves, and should receive, kudos as well.

    These are the hundreds, if not thousands, of Shelties worldwide who are simply beloved pets, who provide their masters with a lifetime of unconditional love and companionship that are rarely equaled.  Although most will never see a title on either end of their names, they provide a lifetime of love and devotion.

    And here’s kudos to the Shelties who work in their local 4-H clubs and in Junior Showmanship with their youthful masters.  They endearingly and endlessly work their hearts out at every event and help provide a great opportunity to learn teamwork and responsibility.

    And, definitely let’s not forget all the Therapy Dogs out there who provide valuable services to the disabled, as well as bring cheer and light to people who are in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and rest homes.  Therapy Dogs are of a character and intelligence that are rarely matched, and to categorize all the benefits that they bring to our society is an impossible feat.

    And last, but not least, the working Sheltie is still the essential backbone to many farms and ranches worldwide.  With their fierce loyalty, intelligence and commitment to their jobs, they are indeed indispensable.

    In regard to the above, I would like to suggest a few titles that perhaps could be bestowed upon these little mighty dogs:

        Beloved Pet Extraordinaire — BPX
        4-H Champion of the Heart — 4HCH
        Jr. Showmanship Dog Extraordinaire — JSDX
        Working Dog Extraordinaire — WDX

Daveena and her daughter, Lindsay, work with their Shelties in many areas, including Performance, Therapy, Junior Handling and Conformation.  River Dance Shelties is home to: Jana Karefree Maximillian, BPX, 4HCH, JSDX, CGC, TDI and Starswept Barwood Bravado, BPX, JSDX, CGC, TDI.


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