Who to Contact and What To Do
if Your Dog Gets Lost

by Chris Tresch


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    - Police.
    - Highway and utility departments--they drive around a lot.
    - Mail carriers.
    - Newspaper carriers.
    - Anyone who makes deliveries in your area.
    - Humane societies--go in person and take a photo of your dog or another Sheltie as an example, as many of these groups  aren't sure what a purebred dog looks like.
    - Animal shelters and welfare groups--see above.
    - Rescue groups--not just of your breed--many groups get  calls on purebred dogs regardless of the breed.
    - Friends and relatives.
    - Local kennel clubs or training schools.
    - Local vets and groomers.
    - Other dog people in your area.
    - Local AM and FM radio stations--many radio stations have partyline type shows where you can put the word out about your missing dog.
    - Put ads in newspapers (local and surrounding areas).
    - If you have friends or relatives involved with Boy or Girl Scouts, contact them to help look.
    - The Internet--check the lost and found sections of doggie sites and other lists.

    - Contact all people by phone every other day.
    - Check humane societies, shelters and welfare groups everyday or so in case they can't identify your dog.
    - Make sure your dog has visible ID--tags, tattoo, etc.
    - Do not give up--it may take weeks to find him or her.
    - When searching for your dog:
    - Keep your voice light so you don't frighten the dog.
    - Look in and under everything.
    - Watch for signs of your dog--hair, chewed up garbage,  refuse, etc.
    - If you have another dog that is close to the one missing,  take him along when searching because they may hear or smell each other.
    - Leave food outside for your dog to possibly smell.
    - Leave items with your and/or the dog’s scent outside so the dog can smell it.
    - Check golf courses and construction sites.
    - Check places with dumpsters or that have food lying around.
    - Put posters with photos of your dog everywhere offering a reward for information leading to the return of your dog.
    - Check local places where kids hang out.


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