(Blue Point Mitted)

“Sierra” is pictured in January 2018. 

“Sierra” is pictured in April 2023. 

This photo of Sierra was taken

by Lisa (a dear friend) in March 2022. 

“Canyon” is perched atop of one of our many cat trees, while “Sierra” is having the ‘time of her life’ playing in the barrel, June 2021.

“Sierra” is pictured in early 2021. 

All three Ragdolls (Sierra, Canyon and Lacey) adore each other.

Sierra and Lacey are asking,

    “Can we go along with you?”

or, maybe they’re saying,

     “Please don’t leave us!”

The following photos and videos are posted in chronological order

(from her most recent pictures at the top and then moving downwards to her baby pictures).

         At the very bottom of this page, I’ve posted photos of “Sierra’s” sire and dam.

“Sierra” is pictured with her first litter. Her kittens are three days old.

“Sierra” is pictured at 2 years, 3 months and she is just coming back into her  beautiful full coat.

Pictured is our sweet “Sierra” when I first introduced a water fountain. This is how she reacted the very first time she saw it. (Please note that she’s out-of-coat in this video...as she usually carries a 3” to 4” coat.)

“Sierra” is pictured at 16 months (1/23/17).

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 These three videos are featuring “Sierra” at almost 7 months...

 taken during Easter weekend (March 27, 2016). 

Please be patient...as it may require time to load these videos.

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Below are photos of “Sierra” taken as she’s matures...with the most current photos at the top

and her baby photos are located near the bottom of this page.

“Sierra’s” sire and dam (father and mother) are pictured at the very bottom of this page.

At almost 7 months, 

“Sierra” has grown a beautiful coat 

and has now come 

into her first season.

Because this little ‘ball of energy’ is so active at 6 months, 

the only time I am able to capture her by camera 

is when she’s sleeping...or, just about to fall asleep.

At 4 1/2 months, she’s beginning 

to show promise of a beautiful fluffy coat.

The above five photos are showing her first venture on her brand-new cat tree. She's pictured at 3 months.

Apparently she’s a ‘tree cat’...

as Jackson Galaxy would say. 

What a pistol she is! 

We have been blessed with this

precious ball of fluff!

"Sierra" is pictured above at 10 weeks. These were taken right before we left on the cruise in November 2015). Frank and I had her in our home for about 3 weeks before our planned vacation was to begin. During our holiday “Sierra” went to live with Michelle and her Ragdoll cousins. She enjoyed herself immensely!

Our precious "Sierra," at 7 1/2 weeks, is now at her new forever home!

“Sierra” 6 weeks.

These photos were taken on October 15th at the vet’s and when "Sierra" was 6 weeks old. Because the vet's office presented an entirely new adventure to all five kittens the vet tech was holding "Sierra" while the vet was examining her. 

Photo on the left...while waiting to receive her first shot, Michelle (“Sierra’s” first ‘human’ mommy) lovingly held “Sierra”).

“Sierra” at 4 weeks.

“Sierra” (on the right) and her blue mitted sister are 4 1/2 weeks old. Pictured are two of five kittens in this litter.

“Sierra” at 4 1/2 weeks.

“Jazz” is “Sierra’s” sire (father).

“Molly” is “Sierra’s” dam (mother).

“Molly” (“Sierra’s” dam) is pictured

 when Sierra” was 4 1/2 weeks old.

“Molly” (“Sierra’s” dam) is 

pictured totally out of coat.