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of this sweet kitten.

Hi, Nancy Lee,

Jack and I both wanted to tell you that our little boy is amazing…and we know you had so much to do with that.  Your care, attention and training of your babies (while they are under your care), along with your hard work in choosing your moms and dads with just the right temperaments and personalities, creates the absolute perfect Ragdoll kittens!  We know that our little Leo is who he is, because of you and we are so very thankful that we found you…and him!

Jack and Vickie Baber

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of these sweet kittens.

My boyfriend and I purchased three Ragdoll kittens

from Nancy Lee Cathcart (Knightwood Ragdolls) in recent years.

In early 2019, we were looking for a Ragdoll and found the Knightwood Ragdolls’ website. This website was, and still is, well-structured.

When we asked about her kittens, Nancy Lee always replied promptly and sent us lots of resourceful information. Her impressive and educational kitten information engaged us. We went through the many pictures and videos of her past litters and were surprised by the beauty and sociability of her kittens.

Nancy Lee is very responsible to both her kittens and to her customers. She does everything to ensure that all her kittens will go to only good homes.

When you pick up your kitten, you are expected to spend two hours in her home…introducing your kitten to his or her new owner, learning about Ragdolls and specifically hearing all about your kitten. Nancy Lee shares her many experiences (to make sure the new owner will be able to confidently take care of a new kitten). At the same time, she provides you with information about how to introduce your kitten into his or her new home and to any other furry friends currently living in your home. She also follows up to see how your kitten is adapting in his or her new home and offers more tips (if you need any further help).

After adopting our first good quality Ragdoll (Diandian) from Nancy Lee, I didn’t hesitate to join the “waiting list” at the end of 2020…as I wanted two more kittens to join my family. I will state that Nancy Lee even brings better customer service now. I highly recommend Knightwood Ragdolls to everyone who wants a good quality Ragdoll.


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of this sweet kitten.

When we decided to purchase a Ragdoll kitten, we were blessed to find

Nancy Lee.  We could tell by her pictures and videos that her kittens are healthy, well-cared for and exposed to many situations and experiences.

The Knightwood Ragdolls’ website has information on all topics related to purchasing and raising these lovable cats.  We loved being able to see both parents as kittens and as adults.

During all the weeks when our kitten was in Nancy Lee's home, she made sure to keep us updated with videos and pictures that made us fall in love with the entire litter!

Whenever we had a question or concern, Nancy Lee would respond quickly and thoroughly.

When it was time to pick up our kitten, we were introduced to our kitten in a calm environment and given all the information and paperwork we would need to make a smooth transition.

Our kitten, Suki, is the joy of our lives.

We highly recommend Nancy Lee and Knightwood Ragdolls to anyone interested in a Ragdoll kitten!


Matt and Laura Yoder

Dear Nancy Lee,

I had been wanting a feline friend for approximately 10 years (since 2011), but was not in a position to have one due to many circumstances. When I finally got my chance to find a kitten, I looked at multiple websites and breeders...including those who were out of state. I came across your Knightwood Ragdolls’ website and immediately became impressed with the detailed level of knowledge you had regarding the Ragdoll breed. Not only did you have information about the breed’s temperament and physical traits on your website, you also shared a lot of particulars regarding how the cats should be cared for.

I was fascinated, to say the least, with the passion and investment you clearly have for your cats.

During the weeks I was patiently waiting to meet my kitten, Cephas, you sent multiple pictures and videos in order to keep me engaged and pining for more.

When it was time to pick up Cephas from your home, you made the process as simple as possible (and this was during COVID). You took safety precautions but did not let them influence how you welcomed me into your residence. I was able to see both Canyon (sire) and Sierra (dam) and marvel at their gentle personalities and striking appearances.

I named my kitten Cephas because it means “rock,” “foundation” and “something upon which something else is built.” This were all things I had yearned for after many years of not having a furry friend, so I thought it would be the perfect name for him.

Since taking him home, he has been nothing short of entertaining and companionable. He is very confident and wants to be involved in everything I do.

I am very pleased I found you, Nancy Lee. I hope to spend many delightful years with Cephas and cannot wait to continue sharing updates with you as time goes on!

Sarah Lyss

I have always had rescue cats, but once I owned a Ragdoll, I knew that’s what I would always have. Their temperament is unbelievable. My Ragdoll is incredibly soft and beautiful, along with being super kind and so willing to socialize with both people and animals.

Nancy Lee was amazing. I looked hard to find a good breeder. She prepares them for every situation they might encounter in their future homes. My wonderful kitten, Milo, was never afraid. He was happy from the beginning, knew how to play on my cat equipment, sharpen his claws, use his litter box and consumed his food and water. He wanted to play with the cat who was already here.

Nancy Lee made sure he had his shots and all his medical tests.

Nancy Lee sent me many, many pictures and videos to show him as he was growing. She gave me lots of information. If you want a wonderful companion, contact Nancy Lee for a Knightwood kitten.

Completely happy,

 Janice Hieber

Thank you so much for our precious little Ragdoll, Oakley! Our family just loves him to pieces!

Oakley is so sweet, playful and adorable, and he has been such a joy to own.

You did an amazing job with his breeding, along with raising kittens with great temperaments!

I will always recommend you!  

Take care,

Stacey Maddux

If you are thinking of buying a Ragdoll kitten, then Nancy Lee is the person to see.

I was a new buyer and Nancy Lee kept in contact with me from the time the ‘Mama’ (Sierra) had her babies until I picked up my precious boy.

Lots of pictures and great information were sent to me.

She is very knowledgeable and is very, very nice to work with. Her knowledge of raising Ragdolls (which she will impart to you) is invaluable.

Her kittens are raised in a learning environment and she’ll send you photos and videos of your precious kitten.

Thank you, Knightwood and Nancy Lee, for my precious bundle of joy.

Nancy Whitaker

Hi, Nancy Lee,

We looked for quite awhile for a Ragdoll kitten. I spoke with Nancy Lee on the phone initially and I could tell in that conversation that she truly cared for her kittens. I knew right away that she was the right breeder for us. I looked at her website and could tell that she spends so much time with these kittens.

While we were patiently waiting to bring our kitten home, she sent me lots of information on the Ragdoll breed, pictures and video updates, as well as answering all my questions. The day we picked up Smokey, Nancy Lee spent time with us going over how to take care of the kittens, food samples and information that she sent home with us.

Once we were home, Smokey fit right in and is the perfect fit for our family. We enjoy him every single day and appreciate all the hard work you put into these babies. Smokey is the sweetest kitten!

Thank you!

Karen B.

I’m so very grateful that my search paid off, when I came upon Nancy Lee’s website and learned she had available babies. It was clear from just glancing through the website that she was a breeder who not only went above and beyond in her breeding standards, but a deeply cared for her babies.

Through the entire process she sent me a wealth of information...in regards to how the kittens were taken care of, along with video updates. And, a wealth of information was sent home with the kitten as well. The flight was smooth booking, and delivery was flawless.

She’s an outstanding woman and an even more outstanding breeder. The quality of her Ragdolls is truly something else! I’m forever grateful and our family is just ‘over the moon’ for our little boy.

Thanks a million!

Yours truly,


As a 'Sheltie person' for almost 40 years, I found Knightwood Ragdolls through Nancy Lee, who was the editor of the Sheltie Pacesetter magazine for over 37 years. I have been wanting a special kitten for

a long time, and after much research and attending a few cat shows,

I decided a Ragdoll cat would be the perfect addition to our family. I emailed Nancy Lee about her current litter of three weeks of age (Canyon’s and Sierra’s), and she was very gracious and helpful, along with sending photos of each of the kittens and their sire and dam. Since I live over 600 miles away, I asked her to choose a kitten for me, and she picked a beautiful Blue Mitted male. Then I decided that this little boy should have a playmate to keep him company, so I arranged to get his Seal Mitted brother, too.

While I was waiting for the kittens to be mature enough to ship, Nancy Lee sent me almost daily updates, along with pictures and videos on how the kittens were doing.

Her website is full of wonderful and helpful information (for example: what to feed Ragdoll kittens, the best toys for Ragdolls, scratching posts and climbing towers, and in addition, how and where to purchase each one of them). She was right there, every step of the way, going above and beyond to answer any questions I had.

When it was time for these little fellows to leave their momma (Sierra), Nancy Lee made all the airline arrangements, checking and rechecking the weather reports to make sure the kittens would be comfortable and safe on the plane. When Andy and Sunny arrived, they were healthy, playful and absolutely the most adorable kittens my husband and I had ever seen. Nancy Lee had even included in their airline crate a plethora of dry food samples, toys, health records, etc.

The hair on a Ragdoll is a wondrous thing. Their hair is soft and beautiful (like bunny fur); they love to be brushed and come running over for their turn when they see me grooming our Shelties.

By the way, these Ragdolls love our dogs! It's like a three-ring-circus watching the dogs and the kittens playing hide n' seek and chasing each other throughout the house. The Knightwood Ragdolls are gentle, sweet and very affectionate. They love people and dogs, and they are happy little 'purring machines.' Nancy Lee is the best!

Gail T.

Dear Nancy Lee,

Please accept my apologies for not sending this sooner, especially after you were so kind to me…even before you knew I was going to purchase one, or as it turned out,two of your kittens. After I shared with you the recent loss of my husband of 41 years and my cat of 16 years, you immediately asked me to come to your home for a ‘kitten fix.’ You have no idea what that meant to me and I truly feel we will be friends forever!

During those times we spent together with the kittens you taught me so much: from what kind of food to feed them; what shots they would need; to even what kind of litter to use…not to mention you had them litterbox-trained by the time I took them home!  

Tucker and Albert are so amazing. They're healthy, beautiful and an absolute joy! You can tell they were weaned by a gentle hand (yours).

I also want to thank you for all the written information you gave me. I have referred back to those pages many a time. You're thorough, you're knowledgeable, but best of all, you make sure we adoptive parents are fully prepared!

Thanks again, Nancy Lee, for my two beautiful boys!



My husband and I had been looking for a responsibly-bred, Seal Point Ragdoll for quite some time. My husband found Knightwood Ragdolls and surprised me for an early anniversary present. I knew as soon as I spoke with Nancy Lee that she was highly educated and invested in breeding Ragdolls. After viewing her website, I was in love.

Nancy Lee was responsive and willing to answer any and all of my questions before we picked up our male kitten, who we named Fitzgerald ("Fitz"). “Fitz's” parents are “Sierra” and “Cullen,” and Nancy Lee provided us with all of their pedigree paperwork. We picked up “Fitz” at Nancy Lee's home and were given time to bond with “Fitz” before driving home. She and her husband were so kind, thorough and organized.

We have now had “Fitz” for over six months and cannot express how grateful we are to have him in our lives. He has a gorgeous coat (it never tangles and everyone comments on how soft it is), beautiful clear blue eyes and a phenomenal disposition. He even comes when we call him! He is best friends with our 85+ pound Golden Retriever and loves to play with our almost three-year-old female Lynx Point Siamese. He cuddles with our guests and loves meeting and playing with babies and children. He never bites or scratches (we do not declaw our cats). We can't imagine a day without his voluminous purrs! He also loves to sleep in your lap and kiss your face. He is the sweetest and we are so blessed!

Thank you,

Patty and Josh Biggs

Hi, Nancy Lee,

It’s about one year since you kindly shipped Feilao to me. This year he brings me so much happy and courage. He grows up so quickly and healthy from 4 pounds to 13 pounds.

His favorite sport is carry the mouse toy in his mouth, then put it beside me. I guess he might think that is a gift for me? I feel my heart is almost melting when he is saying something to me even though I don’t understand what he is talking about.

So I really appreciate your kindness and patience in sharing Feilao with me because he brings me so much happy and love.

He is so cute that I can’t love him more.

Sorry I might write down something not grammatically right, but I do want to say thank you to you!

Best regards,

Linyu Liu

Hi, Nancy Lee,

I've been meaning to write for such a long time to tell you how blessed I've been with my two Ragdoll kittens...which I purchased from you. I have always wanted a Ragdoll, and now after getting these two precious little cherubs, I'm mad that I waited so long!

They have the most beautiful soft coats that defy description, and their blue eyes and markings are absolutely stunning. I marvel at their appearance every single day and have a phone full of their photos. Their personalities are sweet and loving as they gladly soak up my frequent hugs & kisses.

They truly enjoy being around people. Even around my three big dogs, they are completely unfazed.

I'm so glad I got two of them...which is not what I had initially planned. Watching them play and nap together is the cutest thing you can imagine and truly doubled my joy. I just can't imagine it any other way!

Thank you again for all the loving care that you put into raising these beautiful, healthy Ragdolls. It definitely shows and I feel so fortunate to be their new mom.

Best Regards,

Rachel Probst

We bought our kitten from Nancy Lee not quite a year ago. It was such a wonderful experience!

She was the most caring breeder I have ever met and was a wealth of knowledge on the breed. She made the process incredibly easy.

As for our cat today, we couldn't have asked for a better cat! She is amazing with all three of our kids and fits in so well.

Sandi G.

Nancy Lee Cathcart (Knightwood Ragdolls) was absolutely wonderful and made our adoption experience unforgettable. I was looking for a Ragdoll kitty for my daughter’s 9th birthday. I sent an email inquiring about one of their baby kittens and had a quick response and all my questions were answered immediately.

We had a few weeks before we could bring our new kitty home, and during this time Nancy Lee sent us photos, videos and kept us up-to-date on our precious new kitten.

Knightwood Ragdolls is the cleanest and Nancy Lee is the most knowledgeable and loving breeder we have ever come across. Mrs. Cathcart went above and beyond our expectations!

Our Ragdoll, “Lizzy,” has become my daughter’s best friend and we all absolutely love her so much.

Thank you, Nancy Lee (Knightwood Ragdolls) for our forever friend, “Lizzy.”


The Ferguson Family

Nancy Lee,

We are so very blessed to have found you for our lil’ Thunder. He has been the biggest blessing for our family. My daughter has always wanted a Ragdoll kitten and we could not have asked for a better breeder.

All the love that you put into your kittens is so appreciated. The knowledge you shared with us in helping us raise a active and healthy Ragdoll was so helpful.

I truly don’t know if we could love our Ragdoll any more than what we do. He is the best addition to our family. He has always been so loving and so talkative and so smart. He brings such joy to our hearts.

Thank you for accepting us as adoptive parents for our lil’ bundle of fur. He is our whole world.


The Landaw family