The following necessary supplies are pictured below —

  • Kitten food, supplements & treats
  • Combs and soft slicker brush
  • Cat trees
  • Scratching posts & climbers
  • Litter
  • Mesh pen
  • Kitten/cat toys
  • Pet hair remover
  • Ragdoll Kitten Care book
  • Cat training tape
  • Cat repellant sprayer
  • Air freshener
  • Homemade Cat Puzzle Box

               Almost all of these items may be purchased from either Amazon or Chewy

Goodies will continue to be added…so continue to check back.

I prefer to feed different quality brands of kitten food (like Fromm  and Orijen) because I feel if one brand is lacking in a nutrient another brand will have included that nutrient. Our kittens and cats are offered about 7 kinds of canned food, along with about 5 brands of kibble.

I feed canned food during the day. At night I put out, at least, 5 bowls of different brands of kitten kibble (see pictures below of sample bowls of kibble).

* * *

Pictured (to the right and below) are some of the kitten foods I’ve been feeding our kittens (these photos are not to scale). According to information on the internet, you may continue to feed kitten food until your kitten reaches one year.

A kitten should be fed kitten canned food about 4 times a day. Because a kitten no longer has mother to nurse, I would give the kitten as much food as will be eaten.

* * *

NEVER BUY kibble or canned food if it’s sitting in a window or a warm place because the oils will have turned rancid. Rancid oil can cause CANCER!  Also...never have kibble or canned food shipped during heat because, that too, will cause the oils to become rancid.

* * *

To the left—

ALWAYS use glass bowls or


ceramic bowls for water,

kibble and canned food.

To the right—

These are the bowls of kibble I leave out during the night.

Water bowls and drinking fountains are available

all the time.

VERY IMPORTANT Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets FortiFlora probiotic is the BEST probiotic I’ve given to my Ragdolls, I dust or sprinkle it on both my cats’ and my kittens’ canned food (both canned food and kibble).  One package lasted a week+.

This supplement has been proven to promote intestinal health and balance as well as a healthy immune system. Proven safe and effective, FortiFlora contains guaranteed levels of the probiotic strain Enterococcus faecium SF68 to provide shelf stability and to arrive alive in the intestinal tract.

NoteIf you don’t purchase Purina ProPlan’s Veterinary Diets FortiFlora probiotic  (see above) — Since this is the second-best  probiotic I’ve used.  As soon as I added a small amount of this powder onto our Ragdolls food, their coats grew and took on a beautiful glistening, along with the fact that they each stopped shedding!

Dr. Marty’s Feline Prime is a powdered supplement containing ingredients that boost your cat’s digestive health.  Digestive issues like constipation, parasites, food allergies and hairballs are common among felines.

I realize that this product is a bit expensive, however, it  lasts a long time, and I believer that it offers more nutrients than any other on the market.

(Click on above picture to

  enlarge and to view details.)

VERY IMPORTANT Vetoquinol Felovite II Oral Gel Vitamin & Mineral Cat Supplement with Taurine, 2.5oz, tube. It’s a Patatable High-Calorie Nutritional Supplement Gel which you may purchase from your vet or on the internet because one never knows when a cat/kitten won’t want to eat or can’t eat.

Every day I give each Ragdoll some of this gel. Not only is it a lubricant for for the elimination and prevention of hairballs, it’s also an excellent high-calorie nutritional supplement.

In order to avoid getting this sticky gel on your fingers, I suggest that you put a little (read instructions for correct amount) on a piece of paper towel. Then rub it off...onto your cat’s leg. Your cat will lick it all off because it’s tasty.

And, in emergencies, your cat/kitten will be able receive immediately quality nutrition.

(Click on above picture to

  enlarge and to view details.)

This is one of the most NUTRITIOUS

FREEZE-DRIED TREAT I’ve ever found

on the market!  I feed them as treats.

Shake the bag and every cat comes running!

(Click on picture to enlarge.)

A great and SUER-HEALTHY TREAT is Dr. Marty's  Nature's Feast (for cats).    

Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast is a premium, freeze-dried raw cat food that provides everything your cat needs for a stronger, healthier life.  This cat food formula is 100% natural and contains feline-friendly fruits, veggies, and mixed proteins to support energy, good digestion and smooth skin (and a shinier coat!)

Nature’s Feast cat food contains ZERO harmful fillers and no “bad” veggies that are harmful to cats. All of our ingredients are sourced fresh and then gently frozen so they’re overflowing with flavor and nutrients.

(Click on above picture to enlarge.)

* * *

If you want your kitten to come running to you,

try shaking the treat container and calling him

(by his or her name).

I have taught all my kittens to come for their treats by doing this.

When your kitten is consistently coming to you, decrease the times when you give him or her treats...until you’re providing treats only every once in a while.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to call your kitten and he or she will always come to you...whether or not he receives a treat.  DON’T feed too many.

(Click on picture to enlarge.)

(Click on above picture to

  enlarge and to view details.)

* * *

* * *

This is the very best comb because it won’t harm your cat’s coat.  It may be purchased at —

(Click on above to link to website.)

(Click on picture to enlarge.)

This is the kind of cat comb which I’ve found works well (over any brushes, etc.)

Both “Sierra” and “Canyon“ will come to me and ask me to comb them!

Make sure you buy a ‘rotating’ comb. I purchased two of these combs on Amazon —

UGroom Non-Slip Rubber Grip Pet Rotating Pet Comb, 7.2”,

however I haven’t been able to find this particular brand on Amazon.

I will post a different brand (which appears to be the same quality) on the enlarging page ,

 I also use a soft, small slicker brush

on my cats and kittens.

(Click on picture to enlarge.)

(Click on picture to enlarge.)

All my Ragdolls enjoy this comb, however, the only brand that worked was the MOMSIV Cat Comb Massager.  I also discovered that the only color which worked was the blue .  The pink and the green versions did NOT work because their teeth were too close together and the plastic was much too soft.   All the blue combs made by MOMSIV worked perfectly!  I ended up buying three MOMSIV cat combs.

* * *

There are some great cat trees on eBay for relatively low prices & free shipping!  

Amazon and Chewy also offer cat trees on sale.  

This is a great scratching post because it’s heavy and can’t be knocked over when your cat is scratching. This scratching post is “Sierra’s” favorite.

All three of these scratchers are good since your cat is able to crawl on top of each one and then scratch.

Climbing scratchers are great.  Just make sure you purchase ones which have a sturdy and wide base, otherwise it will fall over when you cat is climbing.

* * *

My husband, Frank, built this cat scratching post by using a heavy wooden base, PCV wide plastic pipe and then by wrapping wide sisal rope around the pipe. The rope was glued onto the plastic pipe.  This cat tree is  5’ tall.

Just make sure that the base is wide enough and it is heavy enough that a climbing adult cat won’t be able to knock the scratching pole over, especially when your cat climbs to the very top of this pole.

Note:  The more scratchers (different types) you have, the less likely your cat will be using your furniture as a scratching surface.  

And…if  you offer many (hard) acceptable scratching surfaces, you won’t ever need to cut your cat’s toenails.

* * *

* * *

We’ve found that these cat litters work well for both mother and her kittens.

Best for adults and okay for kittens.

(Click on picture to enlarge.)

Best for kittens: Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Kitten Attract Training Cat Litter.

(Click on picture to enlarge.)

* * *

This is a great portable pen which keeps your new kitten safe in your home. It has a zippered top and a zippered door, along with being totally portable.

I use it to introduce my kittens to new surroundings (like our kitchen which has many loud and unexpected noises). Also, it’s perfect for introducing your current pet(s) to your new kitten. Each animal would be safe and secure during the days of introduction.

I join two of these two enclosures (pictured above) by opening each door and using large binder clips to make sure both door opening are attached to each other and securely fastened.

* * *! Kittens need stimulation so provide lots of interesting objects various types of attractions. They don’t need to cost money (see my article titled “The 10 Best Homemade Cat Toys” on my “Cat Articles” page, along with another YouTube link to “Ragdoll Cats Play With A Homemade Cat Want Toy”).

They love small objects which they can pounce on and bat around. For example, try all sizes and shapes of boxes and tubes, plastic bowls (which I buy at Dollar General for $1 each), practice plastic golf balls, bottle caps and large flat plastic lids (washed), brown paper bags (cut handles at one the loop no longer creates a choking danger and NEVER let your pet play with plastic bags because they can suffocate inside the plastic), along with a wide grosgrain ribbon hanging freely on a door handle. Another light-weight toy that they enjoy are hard plastic sealing strips. These sealing strips are about 1/2” to 1” wide. All our cats enjoy chewing them. Maybe it’s because they’re either teething or, possibly, it’s a way of cleaning their teeth since my adult Ragdolls also enjoy chewing these hard plastic strips. I find that kittens prefer light-weight objects which may be pushed around and/or carried.

The brown paper (which arrives in the Chewy boxes) is a popular toy for our kittens. See video below of our kittens playing with this large paper.

It’s always a good idea to rotate your kitten’s toys so he or she doesn’t become tired of them. Keep several out and hide the others. In a few days, present toys your kitten hasn’t seen for some time.

Never  let any pet play with or encounter rubber bands, string, tread, yarn, children’s toys, containers with small openings or plastic bags because these can lead to death. Read more “Kitten and Cat Dangers Every Cat Lover Should Know.”

Below are some inexpensive toys our kittens especially enjoy:

   • SmartyKat, Incline Scratcher, Sisal Angle and

   • Smartykat, Collapsible Tunnel Toy, Crackle Chute

      (both of which I purchased at Menards).

Sorry...I can’t remember the names of these other toys

 because I purchased them so long ago, however,

 whenever possible, I researched and found

 either the original or one similar on Amazon.

Some of these tunnels may be connected to each other in order to extend or to add angles to a kitten’s route.

Smartykat, Collapsible Tunnel Toy, Crackle Chute or

Cat Tunnel, Collapsible 3-Way Tunnels.

r.SmartyKat Chaise Corrugated Lounge With Catnip Cat Scratcher.

This is a SmartyKat, Incline Scratcher, Sisal Angle.

Dezi & Roo  Wiggly Balls

FroliCat Bolt Laser Light.

Undercover Mouse Exercise Toy.

Yellow Soft Strands Wand Cat Toy .

Dragonfly With Rod, Interchangeable Toy —

this is one of the best built toys we’ve ever encountered and, best of all, our Ragdolls absolutely love this toy!

Cat Crazies are light-weight toys which all cats seem to enjoy throwing in the air and chasing.

Our cats and kittens adore these lightweight, soft furry toy mice with long feather tails.

Fun for all kittens! This is an interactive cat toy with three levels which contains four balls they bat and chase after...round and round...for one or more cats. Make sure your purchase the tower which has a bar across the top of the tower because if it’s open a kitten may get caught when diving into the middle of the tower.

* * *

Kittens love romping through the brown papers that come inside each Chewy box.

* * *

Sometimes this book is being offered FOR FREE for a few days. It's called Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide and it contains 88 pages. I've attached this offer.

Here’s link to this offer (disregard any previous dates):

* * *

This is the best double-sided sticky tape for stopping scratching on furniture and other surfaces.  You may cut the tape into any size which fits the surface you want to cover.

The best feature is the red tab attached to each sheet which easily lets you separate the sticky side from its protective cover.

I remove the blue sheet first, press that sticky side onto your surface…making sure it’s gripping tightly and smoothly.  Then pull the red tab to remove the outside protective cover.  Don’t touch or your fingers will stick.

If you kitten begin to jump on a kitchen counter top (or any surface where you’d prefer no kitten climbs), first lay down crinkled aluminum foil.

If that technique doesn’t work, then put down this great double-sided sticky tape on your counter top surfaces. Also, if scratching occurs on furniture, this cat training tape works wonder.

(Click on picture to enlarge and to view other information.)

This cat repellent spray works really well!

Because the refill is so expensive, here is a video which explains how to refill an empty canister:

* * *

* * *

I like this product the most for absorbing those stinky litter box odors. It called Citrus Magic Pet Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener (Fresh Citrus).

Homemade puzzle box, by Petcentric Team —


What You’ll Need —

   1 glass

   1 blade — be careful!

   1 marker

   1 plastic container

What to Do —

  1. Using your glass, trace two circles on the lid of your container.

  2. Very carefully, cut the circles out of the lid.

  3. Throw a couple of your cat’s favorite toys, kibble and/or cat treats inside and secure the lid.

Talk about easy! Not only have you created a whole new toy for your cat to play with—once your cat gets them out of this new puzzle box, that is.

* * *

Want to make a fun new toy for your cat while reusing some of her old favorites? See how to make your cat a schnazzy new puzzle box!