KITTEN ADOPTION — $200 DEPOSIT per kitten (non-refundable...unless the color, pattern and/or gender of your future kitten is unavailable).  Then I would refund

your deposit (minus the $25 bank-processing fees, etc. which PayPal will have added to your original deposit).

Note:  If you’re making reservations for 2 kittens,

           be sure to make 2 separate deposits.

Possible combinations

   (as seen in photos and videos of past litters)











BALANCE DUE — You’’ll need to fill in the amount

                                (12.5% will be added for bank charges, etc.).

Payments may also be made with cash (all payments need

 to be in U.S. funds only). Payments must be paid-in-full  

and cleared two weeks BEFORE any kitten leaves our home.

Cash for final payment is accepted when picking up a kitten.

NANNY DELIVERY  is available and I highly recommend this most-reliable service!  

See information at the bottom of this page.

Kittens will leave with the following:

• Veterinarian-checked with complete health exams

• Age-appropriate vaccinations

• Wormings

• Application for non-breeding TICA registration

(as my kittens are for loving homes as cherished pets and not for breeding, however they can be shown)

• Litter-trained & 5 types of cat scratchers-trained

• Health guarantee (against fatal congenital defects for one year)

• Small kitty toys and a soft, small blanket (which kittens have enjoyed while sleeping)

• Sample bags of kitten kibble, along with cans of kitten food they’ve been eating

I will upload your kitten’s photos and videos to your flash drive

(which I took during those weeks when your special kitten was growing up in our home).

Note: I will also include photos & videos of your kitten’s sire, dam, grandparents.

Good news for anyone who’s looking for a reliable and safe “NANNY SERVICE”!  

This licensed and insured group has been highly recommended by a Sheltie breeder who has used them for over the past four years, and she has been totally satisfied with their service.  

Their name is Fuzzy Fur Babies Flight Nanny Transportation Service

Each of their nannies fly on the airline which employs that person.   They will handle all of the flight details and they will fly on ‘stand by.”   It's an airport-to-airport service with pick up and deliver at their airlines’ curbside.  Prices are $650 to $800 for USA (not including Alaska).

They provide the pet carrier while transporting your pet, however you must have a hard, plastic crate available in order to drive your kitten to your home.