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  I live in Rosario, the second most-important city in Argentina. In my country, Shelties are not well known. People here know the Collie from the "Lassie" series.

I have had Shelties since 1977. My first Sheltie, a tri-color, was called "Tomy." He was out of two Shelties imported from the USA. I didn't know anything about Shelties then, but when I saw my little black "Tomy," I knew I would love him forever. He lived for 16 years, and I still have a great love for him.

At this time, there are three (3) Sheltie breeders in Argentina - myself in Rosario and two who live in Buenos Aires. We have imported several dogs and bitches from the United States. I have been breeding Shelties the longest. I imported two Shelties from the U.S.A. - Cinder-Glo Special April Love from Luella Thomsen in 1992, and, most recently, Ventura's Sophistication from Martha Heckman in March 1997. I hope to import other Shelties in the future.

In my next letter, I will write you how I recovered the breed in Argentina.


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